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28 January 2021

Using illustration to refresh our brand

Graphic illustration of cityscape and figure to foreground. Part of brand refresh.

Adding an aesthetic element that represents the creativity and culture that we are engaged in every day

Most people know us for creativetourist.com while in reality, this only a small part of what we do. Over the past 10 years CTConsults has completed many complex projects, ranging from writing the Cultural Tourism Strategy for the Mayor of London, to implementing large-scale digital transformation projects for venues and places across the UK and Ireland. The new brand aims to simplify what we do, and give the people behind CTConsults a little more of the spotlight. 

As part of our recent rebranding, we redesigned our brand, and our website and during this process realised that we wanted to add an aesthetic element that represented the creativity and culture that we are engaged in every day. We decided the Manchester based illustrator Jane Bowyer would be a good fit for what we wanted to achieve – Jane’s illustrations balance playfulness with purpose to deliver work that is both beautifully crafted and memorable.

What Jane had to say: ‘We wanted to create something that was clean, bold, and personable, that represented creativity and culture. I worked with texture in this way to give the CTConsults illustration style its own distinctive and recognisable look and feel. The final product is a result of the design team and I working closely together to create something that is eye-catching and integrates well with the design and layout of the new website.’ 

Website: bowyerjane.co.uk
Instagram: @bowyerjane
Twitter: @bowyerjane

Brand refresh example. Male at desk with laptop, shelf with books and window to background representing brand.

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