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An agency in three parts

CTConsults offers industry-leading expertise in cultural tourism, heritage and destination marketing. In direct response to our clients’ needs we have built our agency in three parts.

Each of these parts come together and overlap in coherent and highly effective whole project solutions. We’re also able to offer each element separately according to the needs of each specific project.


Getting the thinking right first

We produce inspirational and practical route maps for our clients with the imaginative and well-evidenced strategic visions they need to activate and steer partnerships, make the best case for resources and funding, and create engaging and distinctive experiences.

Relating case studies

Front of building lit at night with neon signage, groups of people in the street to the foreground - Everyman and Playhouse Theatres

Revisioning and repositioning theatre in Liverpool

Working with Liverpool's Everyman and Playhouse Theatres to create a new ambitious business plan

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Orchestra members moving off stage in a crowded theatre with a classical music audience

Manchester – the music city

Looking at ways to grow Manchester's classical music audience

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Detail of stone built theatre with canopy to front

Buxton – a visitor economy strategy to help us to ‘take the waters’ once more

Maximising Buxton's contemporary and heritage assets to grow its visitor economy

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Old style, masted wooden sail boat on sea, with green landscape behind. A destination management plan for the Isles of Scilly

Isles of Scilly – a destination management plan for the edge of England

A road map for a sustainable visitor economy

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Foot bridge over river, with buildings on banks

Northern cities assemble

Five cities come together to develop international cultural tourism markets.

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Creating and facilitating engagement

We offer hands-on delivery of cultural heritage tourism initiatives and programmes that bring to life creative ideas, and innovative products and experiences that are optimised to actively appeal to the interests of your target markets, and to deliver improved visibility and engagement.


Relating case studies

Courtyard within three storey building, walkway on every storey around building supported by classical columns with railings around. Church spire in background. the Piece Hall, Halifax - a cultural destination.

Happy Valley

Transforming collaborative digital marketing

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Man covered in plaster, wiping hands on large sculpture and crowd watching in background. Stoke's heritage and tourism organisations come together.

It’s not all about ceramics

City-wide collaborative digital marketing campaign

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Foot bridge over river, with buildings on banks

Northern cities assemble

Five cities come together to develop international cultural tourism markets.

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Stained glass detail of fish with decorative coloured shapes around it - Coventry UK City of Culture 2021

Coventry UK City of Culture 2021

Digital readiness for the biggest cultural celebration.

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Closeup detail of old wooden cello

National online distribution strategy for visitor experiences

Finding and exploiting the opportunities to promote visitor experiences on a national scale.

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Committed to your success

We know that creating transformative places and thriving cultural experiences takes time. To ensure you always have the tools, platforms and resources you need, we offer on-going active development and support for the programmes and campaign initiatives we deliver.

Practical elements of what we deliver include:

Relating case studies

An iphone, ipad and MAC, all displaying a web page from the same website, what's on listing guide creativetourist.com

How do you find out what’s on?

CreativeTourist.com - our award-winning listings site for Manchester and the North of England.

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Two children looking over a park to foreground, pavilion to middle and cityscape to background

Greenwich – Culture Hosts takes the peninsula

Working with our centralised listings platform

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Sustainable tourism in Cumbria. Sunset over a lake, with wooden jetty in the foreground and silhouetted hills in the background

Cumbria – Where landscape meets culture

How culture can extend the season in a tourism hotspot.

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Fallen leaves in a park to foreground, curved regency street to background

Bristol and Bath – A tale of two cities

Connecting arts and tourism across two cities for the first time

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