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24 July 2018

Ireland’s Viking coast

Viking Ireland settlement - two circular historical buildings with pointed, thatched roofs, surrounded by wooden fencing and grass. Lake and landscape in the background.

Sæl (that’s hello, old Norse). Where do you expect to find Viking explorer heritage, once they struck out from Scandinavia in their iconic long ships? Northumbria, Francia, Iberia, Wessex? How about ‘Viking Ireland’? We know what happened when they found land – raiding, exploring, then trading and eventually settling. It’s an epic (and often bloody) story, told across Europe from the Liffey to the Danube. Our challenge was to look at whether, and if so how, the beautiful south-east of Ireland could grow its heritage tourism offer to have genuine international appeal.

Their story is phenomenal, with the cities of Waterford (Vadrarfjord), Wexford (Waesfjord) and Wicklow (Wykinglo) all founded in the 10th century by Norsemen in ‘Viking Ireland’. The hit MGM-produced Vikings TV series is even filmed in the region. We are currently working with our colleagues at TEAM Tourism, and BOP Consulting too, to help Fáilte Ireland and its ‘medieval partners’ explore how a coastal region can once more provide rich pickings.

This time it’s the Viking stories we want to capture, weaving together attractions, events, arts, waterways and landscape to create an immersive, and hopefully not too brutal, visitor experience. The Vikings are coming. Again.

Pakka Fyrir (thanks, old Norse)

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