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5 December 2016

Time not to be the heart of England’s best kept secret

Group of twelve people sit in a orb made up of geometric shapes, in a forest, covered in colourful psychedelic light.

There are many fantastic national initiatives, but how much do you know about The National Forest? If you don’t live in its 200+sqm in the Midlands, perhaps not too much. So we were invited to help to shape a new event to carry their environmental and regeneration messages to a wider audience.

That’s a big brief, made bigger by wanting to boost visitors, profile, revenues and partnerships. The National Forest Company is rightly ambitious – they’ve planted over 2m trees in the last 25 years after all. Our options appraisal explored how a potential new festival could celebrate the area’s landscape, culture and special qualities, while also supporting The National Forest’s thriving tourism, creative and woodland economy communities through promotion of and participation in its work.

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