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21 January 2022

The Case for Culture in the North

Congratulations to the team who took on the huge undertaking of delivering the All Party Parliamentary Group report ‘The Case for Culture:What Northern Culture Needs to Rebuild, Rebalance and Recover’.

CTConsults is proud to have supported this crucial, laudable and urgent work. The publishing of this report is a significant step towards positioning culture as the fastest way to achieve the Levelling Up ambitions for our region. The cross-party support for the report demonstrates the shared understanding that culture is a vital tool for regeneration and recovery.

In particular, we are pleased to see the prioritisation of improving digital infrastructure  – we are passionate that digital transformation within the cultural and tourism sectors is essential to drive sector growth and innovation.

Collaboration talks to heart of our core values. This is the first time the North has come together as a region to champion and create a pan-Northern vision for the cultural sector, and we are hopeful it will bring together many of the initiatives and programmes we have been involved with and advised on over the last 10 years to support destination marketing, in relation to cultural assets.

Many of our current and former clients are featured case-studies  in the report – both urban and rural – such as York where we delivered a place brand, and Cumbria where we are currently developing a cultural strategy.

How will CTConsults implement the recommendations of this report? We will continue to commit to working with our clients to ensure culture is ingrained in all sectors. We care deeply about cultural- and place-based collaboration, and will continue to help places prominently position culture, heritage and tourism within their investment principals as tool for Levelling Up across all our work, whether cultural strategy, placemaking, digital transformation or place brand.

Once again, thanks and applause to the Northern Culture Club on this achievement, and we look forward to working with partners to realise its aims.

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