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7 February 2024

Slow gardening – a model for sustainable (and enjoyable) business growth

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On my list of things for 2024 is to consider my garden. It is a bit of a mystery to me, not traditionally my domain, but a place where I think I might become creative, learn something new and make unexpected and good things happen. I am not interested in rushing down the garden centre for an instant fix – I want to savour the process, create structure, and give time and space for things to take root and earn their place. I am not entirely sure where to start – and I anticipate there will be alot of frustration, hard work and likely some hot tears from not knowing what to do next –  but there is no lack of inspiration and approaches to borrow from. A recent  trip to Piet Oudolf’s stunning all-seasons Oudolf Field in Somerset has raised the bar and I’m ready to give it a go.


If it’s not too whimsical, I do think there is a connection here to how we also approach our business growth at CTConsults. Our ambition has never been to be the biggest, the fastest-growing or the busiest agency. For us growth isn’t the end game – but it inevitably comes with the territory of being curious and expansive thinkers. We are developing all the time, we are open to growth, but, hopefully, in a way which doesn’t outrun us or wear us out. And yes, in truth, small businesses are unpredictable, we aren’t in control of the climate and at times it gets out of kilter – that’s just how it goes (or grows). This week Brad introduced us all to a fabulous new team development tool. He saw that well-managed, sustainable growth needs a happy and well nourished team and his new internal CDP programme reminds me of the planting scheme that I am looking for at home – one that encourages each of us to find our ‘right’ spot in a shared space, and grow to our full height, and where together we will be in good shape whatever the season. Thanks Brad. Good work.

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