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28 February 2024

Rugby – ‘the Game-Changer’?

How does the town of Rugby live up to its name?

From when William Webb Ellis caught a football and ran with it at Rugby School in 1823, the game changed forever and the name ‘Rugby’ has become known the world over. How does the town of Rugby live up to its name?

Like many towns, Rugby has great connections, attracts young families from London, has plenty of good jobs, a large (huge, actually) out-of-town retail park, and an attractive town centre with some great independents. But it’s also home of the sport, and where the jet engine and holograph were invented – and is currently undergoing major regeneration.

We’re working once again with our good friends at HemingwayDesign to develop a place narrative for Rugby. Our challenge is to ensure that the regeneration plans demonstrate that spirit of ‘game-changing’ and the values they represent. What does it mean to ‘pick up the ball and run with it’ in Rugby town today? In what ways does the town come together to show a positive ‘disregard for the rules’? 


Along with Jack Hemingway, Amy and Andrew began the process with a day in the town – to start to get behind the straplines and see what Rugby town really has to offer, and where its potential lies. We’re looking forward to working with the project team to understand what Rugby stands for today.

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