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18 July 2017

Nordicana has gone global – time to see where it comes from

Stone built four storey building with cooper roofing, tall spire on roof. Trees to front of the building.

Nordic… amazing design, people, TV, writers, food. And freezing cold. Oh, and really expensive and quite far away (from the UK) and hard to get to/around and did I mention the weather? Also, didn’t learn conversational Danish at school. But hold on. Stockholm is possibly the most beautiful city in the world; Reykjavik one of the most enjoyable; Copenhagen is actually wonderful (we checked); Aarhus is currently the European Capital of Culture; and… you get the idea. And most locals speak excellent English (the rest speak merely very good English).

Each Nordic nation – Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland – with their distinct culture and visitor offers – shares aspects of culture, heritage and identity. And some similar challenges with prospective visitor perceptions.

Yes, prices are typically higher than the UK (but have you spent a week in London recently?) though there are plenty of ways not to break the budget – especially if you’re culturally motivated. Typical Copenhagen temperatures are only 2°F lower in November but 4°F higher in the summer months than Edinburgh. Flights are regular and competitive as many other European destinations. Flying to Oslo from Manchester is 30 minutes quicker than to Barcelona. Reykjavik from Manchester is shorter than to Rome, London to Copenhagen the same as Berlin.

So, a fabulous array of Nordic places and cultures for visitors to experience and become immersed within. With a little bit of myth-busting, a strong vision and sustained management, programming and packaging, and brand building and campaigning (the areas we are working on with partners in the region as it happens), the Nordic voice we know so well through noir, design, food and yes even hygge will increasingly translate into a series of connected cultural destinations you have to add to your ‘must see’ list.

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