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2 July 2018

More than words…

Two woodworkers to front right, fiddle player in the background, crowd watching on to the left. Night time scene. Timber Festival - cultural tourism experience

To paraphrase Monty Python, what have consultants ever done for us? Yes, we can plan, strategise, do blue sky thinking stuff (whatever that is), crunch the numbers, make bold forecasts, but what actually comes of it – except perhaps yet another report, right? Well, actually, wrong. We like to work with clients to deliver fresh thinking and insight that can actually be used to transform their cultural tourism offer, and we can prove it! We’ve been working in cultural tourism for a long time now, and we can see the positive impacts build. We can point to new investments, partnerships, capabilities and products, and most importantly new and growing visitor markets.

We helped to launch Elizabeth Gaskell’s House here in Manchester, have guided Northern Ireland’s invested programme response to 2018’s European Year of Cultural Heritage, and we set the blueprint for the National Forest’s amazing new festival, Timber (pictured). The strategic DNA in our Cultural Tourism Vision for London can be seen in the capital’s London Borough of Culture initiative, which has recently awarded over £2.35m to help eight boroughs deliver cultural transformation. We are busy helping to attract new international audiences to England’s great northern cities and cultural events, and our work with Cultural Destinations is creating better digital marketers and cultural partnerships, delivering new audiences through new cultural experiences. We do write strategies, plans and feasibility studies, yes. But we make sure they are always looking to turn innovative vision into deliverable action.

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